Reasons Why Developers Shouldn’t Use MacBook Pro


Gone were the days, when developers used to use MacBook Pro for their official use, due to the listed reasons:

  • High-speed hardware/OS design. Apple has launched a quick touchpad and replaced your mouse. Many similar OS features are concentrating on user convenience.
  • Unix-like. The reliability and native terminal enable it to access every single part of the software from Unix/Linux.
  • Incredible software ecosystem. OSX applications are designed superior and easy to use as compared to Windows app. Furthermore, the app store makes purchases easier.


Well, all the above-mentioned reasons are true, even today. Over time, many developers changed their mind and started using Linux. If you’re working with Microsoft stack and don’t use macOS, or you are designing iOS apps, where you are required to use macOS, this piece of article is not for you.

The Major Feature: Touch Bar

Back in 2016, Apple released a new generation of MacBook Pro with the addition of prompt ‘Touch Bar”. No doubt, the touch bar was a great function because people were tired of traditional keys. Later on, developers were not comfortable with this new feature of MacBook Pro, due to the following reasons:

  • Touch bar removed the Esc key
  • Removed the function keys that were helpful for debugging

A Better Linux

Linux has grown rapidly in recent years. Many developers use Ubun

tu as it fulfills the developer’s application requirements, such as IDE, browser, IM, and office. All these applications have Linux versions and compatible with Mac OSX.

The only problem developers find in Linux is that they don’t access an application for making the diagram.

Software Limitations

Many applications don’t operate well under Mac OSX. Developers migrate to other systems due to software limitation. They find difficulties while using Virtual Box. To solve this issue, developers usually install Ubuntu on MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro is no more a good choice for the developers. Well, it’s a great and suitable laptop for UI/UX designers, Product Managers, and documentation. Whereas, developers have better options.

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