My Search To Select The Right iPad Model: Light Weight and Cost Effective


Having the wide range of the Apple’s tablet. It is very difficult to select the best one because each one of them provide the different functions and different storage size is available.

Years back when there is only one model of the iPad and there is no confusion to select which one. Bu with the passage of time Apple launched many of the iPad models and each one of them supports the different functionalities and provide the different performance factor. Today, there are different models and each one of them work unique. But you need to clear with your requirements what exactly you are looking for and this requires knowing all the detail of the different models.


The different models of the iPad provide the different storage and models line with the different model names that include iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro and iPad Pro 12.8. Everyone demands for the diverse types of the iPad, some use iPad to handle the business work and other choose for the entertainment purpose.

If one is looking for the small and light weight Apple iPad, then iPad mini is the best option as it provides the functionality to support the Wi-Fi and provide the best pixel handling. Even iPad can use for the business document handling and can be used in the business meeting to present a meaning full presentation.


If you are looking for your kid to provide some engagement, iPad mini and iPad Air is the best option. Yu can go for without sim card’s iPad because it provides all the functionalities using the simple WIFI. Moreover, it provides the storage of the 64 GB that means your kids can enjoy the downloading of the different application and can stores several the videos at the same time. Usually most of the people complain about the storage of the iPad but iPad Mini provide the best storage to store all the data at the same time. It provides the screen size of 7.9 inch and most of the student love to take notes using the iPad Mini as it is portable enough to carry all day with you.

Another thing:

If one is looking for the comparative large screen and better processing power., then iPad Pro is the best option and it supports best of the graphics. Most of the graphic design love to have this table to support the different graphical process. See, everyone got their own preferences according to their capabilities to support the different process effectively. iPad Pro is bit expensive as compared to the iPad Mini because the screen size of the iPad Pro is larger and higher capability processor used.


US Mac provide the different packages to get these deals in less price and better working capabilities. They ae best reseller of the Apple and sometimes provide price range even apple don’t provide single penny concession but the do. They provide the different range of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air as well.

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