Connecting MacBook Air With TV | The Real Technique


Connection of the MacBook Air with the TV provide access to the user t work on the big space. Using the external monitoring it provide more functionalities to share the screen with number of people.

Most of the time people love to watch a movie on the big screen and for this MacBook Air provide the option of making the connection with the TV. But most of the time it is the most complicated and difficult aspect to make the stable connection. I accept that it is really complicated but once the stable connection made it provide the opportunity to enjoy your favorite series on big screen again and again.


Having a connection with the TV it provides the opportunity to enjoy the external monitoring that means that you can mirror you MacBook Air with the external support and gather all the information effectively. Moreover, you can browse thing on the external monitor with better graphical results or when you have share it with number of people. Moreover, you can share your presentation on the big screen and it provide the to enjoy your work space on the big screen.

With external monitoring you can enjoy the animation of the videos, picture, and other entertainment things. Before making a connection, it requires some things need to configure what sort of the ports it required. Before making a connection configure what sort of the ports you required.


There are different inputs that that takes the graphical input and display the results. The graphical input it takes using the video graphic adapter and HDMI also used for the graphical connectivity of the video. HDMI provides the great access to display the graphical data and provide the faster transmission rate with the better picture quality.

Here’s The Best Part:

For the connectivity of the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with the TV, first you need to sort out what port you required and which the best one to use. These instructions are going to worked with the USB-C Thunderbolt 3 port ad mini display port. For the check of the port, you can easily configure this using your MacBook Air. On the right section of the MacBook you can configure what sort of the port it accepts. For the specification section you check the detail preview of the port and all the other external devices connection.

After the configuration of the port connection the step it requires is to check the what sort of the hardware cables it accepts and provide the permanent stability. A mini display port with a HDMI adopter required for the stable connectivity. Assure one thing that MacBook Air will only connect with the Apple TV.


When the stable connection made assure that MacBook Air and Apple TV powered on. And both devices contain the same Wi-Fi connection. After all the connection made then click the Airplay and configure the mirror-TV. To make the disconnection just simply turn-off the air play.

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